BRIX, a 100% natural product

To practice your endurance sport, BRIX energy gel provides a source of energy easily absorbed by your body from very few completely natural ingredients.

  • Brix can help increase your stamina during long activity sessions.

  • Consumed after exercise, it allows your body to rebuild its glycogen reserves.

  • Brix is ​​also a source of potassium, an electrolyte that helps balance fluid pressure in cells which will help maintain your performance.

  • With the new Raspberry, Salty Sweet, Blueberry and Ginger flavors, a contribution of 160 mg of sodium has been added. A sufficient amount of sodium allowing the muscle contraction mechanism. This intake helps prevent muscle cramps and dehydration during a long period of physical activity in oppressive heat.


Brix was created
in Quebec (Canada) with a single mission: To manufacture a natural fuel, with
a minimum of ingredients the most effective for doing sports
of stamina. Everything is based on a precise idea: an energy quickly
usable by the body with high quality maple syrup. Today,
we aim to eliminate disposable pouches in the field of gels