BRIX Rufuel Naturally
BRIX - 100% Natural Maple Energy Gel and Drink Mix. A source of energy and electrolytes easily absorbed by the body and which helps to increase your resistance during long workouts!
Gluten Free
A true delight!

The 100% natural and gluten-free BRIX maple waffle contains the energy and electrolytes necessary to meet your needs during activity. Limit fatigue during long workouts or during long working days.

They are so delicious that you will definitely want a second one.


Whether you’re a top athlete
a weekend athlete, an adventurer for a day or an explorer
clearing new trails, BRIX will propel you to new

Anne Champagne
BRIX has been by my side in my training and running for several years. I still use them to this day because of the quality of the products, which use the quintessential source of carbohydrates in Quebec: maple syrup. With innovations like the reusable flask, the team behind BRIX are very present and attentive to the needs of athletes. ‘’
Cindy Montambault
For my training sessions and races, I use BRIX products all the time. They’re easy to carry, delicious and provide me with the ideal energy to perform at my best!! ''
Laurence Côté
With BRIX, I get a source of fuel that allows me to maintain a high level of intensity throughout my training sessions and races. Whether it’s between intervals or a long run, the carbohydrates and electrolytes found in BRIX products support the intensity of my training. A good boost of energy and a little taste of home to remind me of my roots are all I need at the starting line. ''
Alex-Olivier Voyer
'BRIX helps give me a boost when I feel a little low on energy during my training and games. What’s more, the products are delicious! ''
Eric Deshaies
‘’ For me, BRIX is the ideal product: a good mix of carbohydrates and electrolytes with a very good taste! The best part? It’s made in Quebec! ‘’
Samuel Hébert
I found out about BRIX a little over three years ago, purely by accident. Since then, its products have really changed the way I eat during extended periods of intense effort. It’s a source of natural sugar that’s prepared with care by a passionate team. Thank you for making such good products and for innovating with your different sizes, flavours and packaging. It makes a big difference for an important event we sometimes prepare for over a year.''
Joëlle Hébert
‘’Having a fragile stomach, I prefer to eat unprocessed products, which is why I rarely use anything other than BRIX products when I run. If you see me on a trail, the chances are good that I’m packing a Raspberry and Himalayan Salt BRIX! ‘’
Zachary Fucale
I take one Maple and Himalayan Salt pouch between each period to get my boost of energy, keep me hydrated and ensure that my reactions stay optimal. ''