La nouvelle flasque BRIX de 80g en silicone lavable et réutilisable conçue sur mesure pour vous clients soucieux de votre empreinte écologique.

Our mission

Brix was created in Quebec (Canada) with a single mission: To manufacture a natural fuel, with a minimum of the most effective ingredients for endurance sports. Everything is based on a precise idea: energy quickly usable by the body with high quality maple syrup. Today, we aim to eliminate disposable pouches in the field of energy gels.

Brix and Maple grove at Boisé du Lac

BRIX and L'Érablière au Boisé du Lac are two inseparable companies, one does not go without the other!

BRIX was born from two great passions, maple syrup and endurance sports!

How it all began?

This passion for maple syrup production began in 2005 after taking possession of land located on Mont Yamaska ​​in Saint-Paul d'Abbotsford. After several years of working in the field of maple syrup production, I was looking for a way to combine my two passions into a single momentum.

Lots of ideas came to my mind! How do I share my dreams and introduce people to the benefits of maple? How do you encourage and introduce people, especially the youngest, to running and triathlon?

It was in 2013 that I opened my trails on my land to offer them to those who wanted to enjoy a bath in nature and trail running. It is on this day that the Club de Trail Érablière au Boisé du Lac was born. Currently, we run twice a week for free, Wednesday evening and Sunday morning. We believe that accessibility to outdoor sports activities should not be limited for anyone.

It was in 2014 that BRIX was born!

We dared to think outside the box on the side of conventional maple products by creating an energy gel based on 100% natural maple syrup. At that time, no one spoke or thought of Maple as a source of energy. I had already been using it for quite a while in my workouts. Being an endurance sport enthusiast, for me it was confirmed evidence that an energy gel made from maple syrup was a great alternative to replace conventional gels. Gels that sometimes not only had a questionable taste, but also ingredients that left something to be desired.

We tested it in trail running and triathlons until 2015 before releasing our products on the market. The reception from the athletes was unanimous! This energy source works very well and it tastes like heaven! Since then, the enthusiasm for this source of energy has continued to grow.

In 2017 I'm going for it with a bang by putting a good part of my maple syrup harvest in sponsorship for the Montreal marathon. It was very daring to see the main revenue going to sponsorship. But you have to believe in these ideas and follow through. That said, BRIX became the first gel company in Quebec to provide energy to more than 25,000 runners in the Montreal Marathon.

The maple syrup federation even has a promotion on ''The Incredible Maple'', emphasizing the energy provided. Over time, BRIX continues to perfect its maple gel with new flavors including one that is unanimous on the market, the salty sweet with maple and Himalayan salt. It was important to add more sodium to our maple syrup. Since maple syrup basically contains only 4mg of sodium per 38g serving. When physical activity continues and the heat is oppressive, this becomes a valuable aid in reducing the risk of having muscle cramps.

BRIX has innovated in the field of Maple with its energy gel. We opened the market and gave many sports enthusiasts the idea of ​​recharging with nature. Brix is ​​the leader in the middle.

Our products

Everything is done at our sugar bush, from notching the tree to putting it in bags. This allows us to ensure quality control at all stages of the manufacturing process of our products.

Only three all-natural ingredients are used. The first is our maple syrup. The second ingredient, Himalayan salt, provides 160 mg of sodium, the minimum required during an activity. This addition makes it one of the most complete gels on the market.

The other three flavors, blueberry, raspberry and ginger, contain no artificial flavors or preservatives, making them a real healthy treat. Their nutritional composition facilitates digestion in the same way as our Pure Maple and Sweet-Salty flavors. Everything is in place to preserve the legendary taste, texture and effectiveness of BRIX products.

Innovation for the environment

Being conscientious farmers who advocate the right methods to protect our environment, it was only natural to innovate to offer the Brix gel refill. A very light 80 g washable and reusable flask, custom designed in silicone for our customers who are concerned about their ecological footprint. With the refill bottles, the energy is available until infinity

Take advantage of this beautiful gift of nature and taste the strength of maple that will take you to the highest peaks!

Propriétaire de l'Érablière au Boisé du Lac et fondateur de Brix Rechargé Par la Nature , un passionné de l'acériculture et de sports.
Les artisants de BRIX
Mario Plouffe & Nadine Perron

Owner of the Érablière au Boisé du Lac and founder of Brix Recharged Par la Nature, a maple and sports enthusiast.

Joelle Hébert, an avid user of charging during her hikes!
Our vision

Team up with us to reduce waste production and taste the strength of maple with products made directly from the maple syrup producer!